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Wayist Nirvanalaksanayoga Tantra: overview

Wayist Tantra, known as Nirvanalaksanayoga Tantra (Nirvanalaksana (lit: having wide-ranging bliss as its characteristic mark)) is the yogic lifestyle that is concerned mostly with direct and dedicated existential experience of spiritual evolution and radical personal transformation. Bliss, is understood as holistic wellness, a true and deep happiness, a prerequisite for enlightenment. Nirvanalaksanayoga Tantra is a therapeutic regimen that understands the human body, its relations to the soul body and the process of enlightenment. It understands the metamorphosis of the soul into a spiritual being. It understands that Prana heals not only soul and mind but also the physical body. It has a well-developed and unique understanding of the mechanisms of soul organs or soul minds known as chakras, nadi and its kundalini. Nirvanalaksanayoga Tantra is the discipline of the spiritual physician, more recently known as a pneumatherapist. Advanced Nirvanalaksanayoga Tantra transformational t

The difference between soul and spirit

The difference between soul and spirit is in that soul energy and spirit energy are two energies of different spectra within the One source energy Prana. Prana comprises all the energy spectra of which a few are known to humankind, as discussed below.  It is all about Energy Energy forms the building elements of all things and all energy originates from one Source. In ancient spiritual tradition, this all pervasive sustaining energy is called Prana. For humans, in our understanding, Prana is divided into several spectra (ranges of bandwidth) which some think range from gross energy in the lower frequencies to the finest spiritual energy in the higher frequencies. Spirit energy is Prana of a higher frequency spectrum than that of the spectrum we call soul energy. A yet lower frequency spectrum known to humankind is the electromagnetic spectrum which is mostly found in the natural universe. The building blocks of the natural universe also utilizes another spectrum of subtle

History of Wayism in 4 short paragraphs

Wayism is the spiritual lifestyle Path that combines mystical Knowledge, Spiritual Awareness, a Benevolent mind and a Lifestyle of Healing and Happiness. The earliest traces of Wayist philosophy are seen in ancient times in the Vedic era (almost 4,000 years ago) when philosophers realized that the ONE is unnameable and omnipresent. The Vedic line,  TAT TVAM ASI (thou art That)  lead the way in the new realization of rational people broke who with polytheism and animism. In the later Upanishadic era of +/-800BCE, the philosophy was refined. Therefore, during the 500BCE era, humankind was blessed with the Platonic schools in the West, Siddhartha Gautama (who became a Buddha after enlightenment) in India, and LaoTzi from China explaining core principles that became a hallmark of 1st century Wayism as expounded by Jesus. It was not until the 1st century that the philosophy of The Way came to full bloom in West and East as a an alternative lifestyle. During this era, Jesus wen

The ‘hungry ghosts’ who own your mind and mortgage your soul

There are human ‘hungry ghosts’, veritable  Guǐxiān   out there, despicable souls, who take to themselves as the purpose of life, the vampiric control of your mind. It is a sport, a hobby to them. They own politicians, the mind control mechanisms, and the (false) money which they created. By these and many other means, they take ownership of your mind and render you a slave who labor day and night for their financial benefit and merriment. Deluded by their control of your mind, you will need things that you cannot afford, you will buy on the credit they extend to you, you will consume the toxic sludge they dress up as food and you will need their scientific medications and treatments. You will be diagnosed by the angels of science, who are in their service, with diseases imaginary and fantastic. You will sign up for long term debt repayment programs for the rest of your life—selling your soul to the devil in many ways. These unseen people and their mind control systems are yo