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Where did the nutshell come from?

Nutshells are shells that protect seeds. Seeds are formed in many ways because of the cycle of organic life. That is another pattern, or template, we see in creation, the cycle of organic life. To jump from the intra-atomic structure and presence of The Way, let’s look at a solar system. Same principles, same energies, same Presence. Solar systems combine is patters and galaxies form, and so on and so on.  Are humans therefore like elements in the bigger scheme of things? Yes. Yes we are as significant and as insignificant as that. We are intelligent elements with a particular task, in the bigger scheme of things. We live for a long time, almost forever. We incarnate into bodies and we live human lives from time to time and over many lifetimes we gather wisdom. It is an organic way of learning. As we become more wise, not unlike like caterpillars, we (souls) metamorphose into spirit beings and we continue to exist for another purpose. This process is not unlike many other pro

Jesus' Amitabha, our Father in Heaven

The Unnameable One is the source and essence of all things seen and unseen. It is therefore also the source and essence of spiritual beings, who are often described as deities. The Unnameable One, therefore is the essence that animate and empower spiritual beings (and all other phenomena). One such spiritual being, is the ruler of our Spirit-Heaven, the Lord our God Amitabha, God our Father in Heaven. In our universe, God is known to be the most compassionate being—therefore the most powerful, the Almighty. No being in our part of the universe has more power. The power of God is immeasurable wisdom that results from His unparalleled love (compassion, humility and simplicity). Our task is to learn love, therefore to emulate the Father. We can become perfect in love and wisdom, it is possible. Iesous said, "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48 ) The compassion and wisdom of God makes Him/Her (spiritual beings do not have gender