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The ‘hungry ghosts’ who own your mind and mortgage your soul

There are human ‘hungry ghosts’, veritable  Guǐxiān   out there, despicable souls, who take to themselves as the purpose of life, the vampiric control of your mind. It is a sport, a hobby to them. They own politicians, the mind control mechanisms, and the (false) money which they created. By these and many other means, they take ownership of your mind and render you a slave who labor day and night for their financial benefit and merriment. Deluded by their control of your mind, you will need things that you cannot afford, you will buy on the credit they extend to you, you will consume the toxic sludge they dress up as food and you will need their scientific medications and treatments. You will be diagnosed by the angels of science, who are in their service, with diseases imaginary and fantastic. You will sign up for long term debt repayment programs for the rest of your life—selling your soul to the devil in many ways. These unseen people and their mind control systems are yo