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The Occupy Movement: What do they want and What do they stand for? The Occupy Movement began as a people’s expression of dissatisfaction with Big Money’s manipulation of the economy, economic vehicles and sponsoring governments. Not only have they (Big Money) totally broken the systems while gouging loyal (read brainwashed and addicted) consumers but they have robbed the world of trillions of $s that could have eradicated poverty, could have saved millions of people from suffering, and could have ended hunger in the world. Not only that, but they crashed the economy (again) and eradicated trillions of $s in pensions from the stock exchanges of the world and government surpluses. Lately, however, Occupiers are illustrating their dissatisfaction and resistance to gouging and manipulation where it matters most to most people, in the household budget. You may be an Occupier Occupiers are people who illustrate, in a non-violent manner, that they have reached the point where they are p