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WAYISM in a nutshell

In each atom in the nutshell is an energy that regulates intra-atomic activity according to the patterns and Divine Plan of all things seen and unseen, we call that the Way.  An atom comprises different particles, each different particle has its own purpose and its own role to play in keeping the atom functioning. Humans know about some of the energies and particles present in the atom, others are yet undiscovered. The energies in there, that regulate all things in that atom, remind us of the presence of the energy of the Benevolent Divine in all things seen and unseen.  From the    Benevolent Divine emanate a force of energy that brings about all of creation, and sustains it, and manages the purpose thereof. We call that The Way. We call it The Way because it is the Divine process, the purpose, the way things are and will always be. Being aware of The Way, is the how we can know about the Benevolent Divine. Therefore we talk only of The Way. We cannot speak of
The Occupy Movement: What do they want and What do they stand for? The Occupy Movement began as a people’s expression of dissatisfaction with Big Money’s manipulation of the economy, economic vehicles and sponsoring governments. Not only have they (Big Money) totally broken the systems while gouging loyal (read brainwashed and addicted) consumers but they have robbed the world of trillions of $s that could have eradicated poverty, could have saved millions of people from suffering, and could have ended hunger in the world. Not only that, but they crashed the economy (again) and eradicated trillions of $s in pensions from the stock exchanges of the world and government surpluses. Lately, however, Occupiers are illustrating their dissatisfaction and resistance to gouging and manipulation where it matters most to most people, in the household budget. You may be an Occupier Occupiers are people who illustrate, in a non-violent manner, that they have reached the point where they are p

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The Purpose of Life

Talk about the purpose of life must start with a reference to the chapter in Wayism's Primary Text on the topic. Nothing says it better. In fact, that piece of prose tells the entire story not only about the purpose of life but that which Wayists believe and live. We quote the entire chapter here by permission of the publishers, Wayist Books . T <><> he purpose of life for the soul is evolution To metamorphose into heaven is our destination For the soul, life on Earth is the school Time after time, it will return Death is for the body, not for the soul Learning to become a spirit, in heaven to be born Human nature is such an animal Egotistic, narcissistic, selfish, and banal Trampling neighbor creatures, wasteful, destructive, and fearful The soul learning humility, simplicity, compassion and of the divine in the infinitesimal Newborn spirits start immortality in heaven So much to do, so many worlds to see Active, busy lives await them Amazing bea

Nature of the Divine Principle

Deism with a panentheistic slant   Wayism is philosophically close to the standard definition of deism. However, in practice, many Wayists express their lifestyle of spiritual consciousness in panentheistic forms. Wayism is a deism since creation exists because it is upheld by the energies of the One Supreme Being which is external from creation itself. The One is however not the Creator of the universes but Two forces that emanate from the One are responsible for all of creation. Observers (who are creatures themselves) witness predictable repeating patterns and flows in the creative forces—which we call the Way. The One is therefore the Prime Mover and upholder of the universes. The universes are permeated by the energies, forces, and presence of the One. Some Wayists who adhere to the Deistic principle can, however, be aware of the Way as a diety. Wayism encourages adherents who are so inclined to feel free to form a relationship with the Way and even the great Teachers (who

Foundation of Wayism

Wayism makes no claim as to when it was founded. It states that it is the original Way, the process and method of the purpose of life. In the seminal book, Wayism: the Primary Text, it has this to say about the question when was Wayism founded: “An explanation of the purpose of life, the stages of life, and the wonderful laws of nature that regulate the life cycles of a particular plant species cannot be said to be a religion that was founded at any particular time—it is merely a statement of the facts as observed and known to us. Wayism is like that, an explanation of the purpose of human life, the cycles, and stages of development and its eventual metamorphosis into a spiritual being—it is merely a statement of the facts as it has always been.” Wayism makes mention of adherents that existed in the past five thousand years, among which are Krishna (4 th c. BCE), Isis (3 rd c. BCE), Melchizedek (2 nd c. BCE), several pre-Socratic (pantheistic) Greek philosophers (1 st c. BCE), G

Introduction to Wayism (1)

This text comes from the back cover of the quintessential book on the topic, WAYISM: the Primary Text, published by Wayist Books in 2011. It explains a bit where Wayism comes from. Wayism is the lifestyle through which advanced souls fulfill the purpose of their lives.  The Wayist lifestyle and worldview is ancient, like your soul, and is the foundation upon which great Teachers of the past labored. Buddha Gotama called his teaching the Middle Way. Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita expounded the teaching as The Eighteen-fold Way. Sage Lao-tzu called his teaching The Way and its Virtues (Dao De Jing). Jesus worked in Judea, Persia, Parthia, and North India, and called his movement The Way. The teaching is simple to understand, humble, and compassionate. The authors, although sagacious, use short, easy-read chapters to coach and the bulk of the book consists of inspirational material to nurture the soul on its path. You will discover layers of truth and guidance in the text that w