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WAYISM in a nutshell

In each atom in the nutshell is an energy that regulates intra-atomic activity according to the patterns and Divine Plan of all things seen and unseen, we call that the Way.  An atom comprises different particles, each different particle has its own purpose and its own role to play in keeping the atom functioning. Humans know about some of the energies and particles present in the atom, others are yet undiscovered. The energies in there, that regulate all things in that atom, remind us of the presence of the energy of the Benevolent Divine in all things seen and unseen.  From the    Benevolent Divine emanate a force of energy that brings about all of creation, and sustains it, and manages the purpose thereof. We call that The Way. We call it The Way because it is the Divine process, the purpose, the way things are and will always be. Being aware of The Way, is the how we can know about the Benevolent Divine. Therefore we talk only of The Way. We cannot speak of