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Introduction to Wayism (1)

This text comes from the back cover of the quintessential book on the topic, WAYISM: the Primary Text, published by Wayist Books in 2011. It explains a bit where Wayism comes from. Wayism is the lifestyle through which advanced souls fulfill the purpose of their lives.  The Wayist lifestyle and worldview is ancient, like your soul, and is the foundation upon which great Teachers of the past labored. Buddha Gotama called his teaching the Middle Way. Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita expounded the teaching as The Eighteen-fold Way. Sage Lao-tzu called his teaching The Way and its Virtues (Dao De Jing). Jesus worked in Judea, Persia, Parthia, and North India, and called his movement The Way. The teaching is simple to understand, humble, and compassionate. The authors, although sagacious, use short, easy-read chapters to coach and the bulk of the book consists of inspirational material to nurture the soul on its path. You will discover layers of truth and guidance in the text that w