The ‘hungry ghosts’ who own your mind and mortgage your soul

There are human ‘hungry ghosts’, veritable Guǐxiān out there, despicable souls, who take to themselves as the purpose of life, the vampiric control of your mind. It is a sport, a hobby to them. They own politicians, the mind control mechanisms, and the (false) money which they created. By these and many other means, they take ownership of your mind and render you a slave who labor day and night for their financial benefit and merriment.

Deluded by their control of your mind, you will need things that you cannot afford, you will buy on the credit they extend to you, you will consume the toxic sludge they dress up as food and you will need their scientific medications and treatments. You will be diagnosed by the angels of science, who are in their service, with diseases imaginary and fantastic. You will sign up for long term debt repayment programs for the rest of your life—selling your soul to the devil in many ways.

These unseen people and their mind control systems are your gods, and you will serve them well. They will give you needs and desires, and the means to fulfill those desires. In your worship, you bond your soul into slavery. These gods have given you a new God, called science. The angels of Science are your new best friends—bankers, health care professionals, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing. To maximize the control your mind, nowadays they have more opportunity than a mere Sunday Mass. They own all of the media, through which they hook you up to their incessant messages—you cannot escape. They write your history books and school curricula, feeding your mind exactly what they want you to believe. You will be taught that the mind (even though it is a silly little programmable computer) is the ultimate You, it is the be-all and end-all of everything—because they control it—you see. For those of you who try to escape by embracing soul-mind, they have two remedies. One, peer pressure will ridicule and revile you for doubting Science and the “almighty mind of man”. Two, they bring you a cunningly engineered New Thought spirituality, “think only positive thoughts, and do not react to injustice”. Your pacifism is helped along by doctoring (sic) your drinking water, food, and the air you breathe, keeping you sick and immobile. Your devoted consumerism is rewarded with good credit scores and those who resist are punished. You cannot escape.

You have been dumbed down so much, you can hardly write and speak your own language any more. You buy into the lies, and parrot the dictums: you are a goddess, a hero, the best person you can be, you are beautiful (even though your gluttonous excess rendered you desperately obese), you are awake, you are enlightened, you are against the establishment, you are a free thinker, you have freedom of speech and freedom of religion, all people are equal, and your (deluded, badly educated) opinion is valid and must be advertised, democracy is your supreme power and monogamy and divorce is the good moral standard (notwithstanding the fact that it keeps you weak, vulnerable and at their mercy).

You have been lied to and deluded over generations. You cannot escape because you still worship, and are not ashamed that your people lied to the whole world about putting men on the moon, about starting more than a hundred wars and engineering genocides all over the world, devastating the lives of women, children and innocent souls. You cannot escape, because you still desire and still want the mind control of your gods. You cannot stop buying into their programs and you do not have the guts to walk out, own your own mind and refuse to partake in your religion and its worship of the values and ideals set by your gods. You cannot escape, because you do not yet have the antidote, which is true loving kindness, compassion, humility and simplicity. Some of you embrace the fake antidote, the engineered New Thought medicine with its CIA owned puppets who teach you to share nice sayings on social sites and compete with others of like mind on who is the more humble, who is more spiritual, and who spends more money on a cat (apparently that equates compassion, I suppose [to the veterinarian]).

You cannot escape because you signed off your soul to the devil—you have a 40-year mortgage, credit cards that exceed your income potential, you desperately need to replace your vehicle every few years and carry the debt. Your hydro (electricity) and online fees are the highest in the world. Your vehicles run on gasoline. Almost nothing that you buy is bought with money that you own, you cannot get out. You don’t want to escape because you will have to walk away from your silly, couch lifestyle, and the thought scares you. You don’t have the balls to own your own mind—that is how good a job they did on you, you good and trusted worker-ant, you.

Rest assured though, if ever you happen to gather the courage to be different and you become resolute to get out, when the student is ready the teacher will appear (Upanishads). When you gather the courage, notwithstanding your terrible education and lack of good sense, your eyes will open. You will stumble upon an alternative soul-mind state that will feel right and you will realize that it is indeed possible to get out, and you will start on the Way to own your own mind.


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    1. Hello Bill. Thank you for your comment. Also, I appreciate your PM about errors in my statements regarding the moon landings. I promise to fix the article as soon as I have a moment available for that. Namaste!


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