The Purpose of Life

Talk about the purpose of life must start with a reference to the chapter in Wayism's Primary Text on the topic. Nothing says it better. In fact, that piece of prose tells the entire story not only about the purpose of life but that which Wayists believe and live. We quote the entire chapter here by permission of the publishers, Wayist Books.


he purpose of life for the soul is evolution
To metamorphose into heaven
is our destination

For the soul, life on Earth is the school
Time after time, it will return
Death is for the body, not for the soul
Learning to become a spirit, in heaven to be born

Human nature is such an animal
Egotistic, narcissistic, selfish, and banal
Trampling neighbor creatures, wasteful, destructive, and fearful
The soul learning humility, simplicity, compassion and of the divine in the infinitesimal

Newborn spirits start immortality in heaven
So much to do, so many worlds to see
Active, busy lives await them
Amazing beauty, out there in our galaxy

The purpose of life is not narcissism, religion,
consumerism, patriotism, or materialism
But living a life of joy, freedom of mind, beauty and fun
Flowing freely, content inside, in the beauty of Wayism
This, by the grace of God, is the Way it is done

The Way is here, there and everywhere
It happens; will it, want it or not
All you have to do, is learn to care
In the end, your soul a spirit child begot

So much nicer, so much peace
If you know where you go
So much beauty, so much release
When you go with the flow

by Salvar Dàosenglu


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