Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nature of the Divine Principle

Deism with a panentheistic slant
Wayism is philosophically close to the standard definition of deism. However, in practice, many Wayists express their lifestyle of spiritual consciousness in panentheistic forms.

Wayism is a deism since creation exists because it is upheld by the energies of the One Supreme Being which is external from creation itself. The One is however not the Creator of the universes but Two forces that emanate from the One are responsible for all of creation.

Observers (who are creatures themselves) witness predictable repeating patterns and flows in the creative forces—which we call the Way. The One is therefore the Prime Mover and upholder of the universes. The universes are permeated by the energies, forces, and presence of the One.

Some Wayists who adhere to the Deistic principle can, however, be aware of the Way as a diety. Wayism encourages adherents who are so inclined to feel free to form a relationship with the Way and even the great Teachers (who are spiritual beings) as deities. Therefore, Wayists who adhere to the Deist principle have no problem to relate to the teacher Jesus or Avalokitesvara as Lord.

For the sake of explaining that Wayism is not a pantheism but a panentheism, it must be noted that the One is greater than the universes. The Divine is transcendent from creation, yet all are brought about, and perpetually maintained by the creative energies that emanate from the One.

God’s creative presence emanate in two forms—one is a Yin (or female quality) force, the other is a Yang (or male quality) force. Together the Two constitute what humans often call the Mother and Father aspects of the Divine Principle. The Two forces are responsible for creation, the laws of nature, and the mechanisms that regulate the Way. God’s presence therefore permeates all things and the Divine presence is imminent throughout all things, yet the Divine is transcendent from creation. Some of the energies emanating from the Divine are manifest in, and uphold, our spirits and higher consciousness. This results in our sense of a mystical relationship with the Divine because we are capable of a profound sense of the Divine presence in various forms.

Such is the nature of Wayism's panentheism, it informs the overarching deistisc model that is the main category by which to classify it.

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