Thursday, 8 December 2011

WAYISM in a nutshell

In each atom in the nutshell is an energy that regulates intra-atomic activity according to the patterns and Divine Plan of all things seen and unseen, we call that the Way. 

An atom comprises different particles, each different particle has its own purpose and its own role to play in keeping the atom functioning. Humans know about some of the energies and particles present in the atom, others are yet undiscovered. The energies in there, that regulate all things in that atom, remind us of the presence of the energy of the Benevolent Divine in all things seen and unseen. 

From the  Benevolent Divine emanate a force of energy that brings about all of creation, and sustains it, and manages the purpose thereof. We call that The Way.

We call it The Way because it is the Divine process, the purpose, the way things are and will always be.
Being aware of The Way, is the how we can know about the Benevolent Divine. Therefore we talk only of The Way. We cannot speak of the Benevolent Divine because we cannot know IT.

Inside the nutshell trillions of atoms spin at warp speed all the time, each vibrating according to its particular design and purpose. They spin at warp speed, as they have done for millions of years, powered and fuelled only by the continual emanations of energy that we call The Way. What would happen if the Benevolent Divine would stop emanating that energy that upholds and maintains all of creation, even for just one second? Can you imagine this? Can you imagine that everything, I mean EVERYTHING, immediately cease to be created. Light energy ceases to be light energy, molecules stop spinning, protons fall away and neutrons drop out, all molecules break apart and return to nothing but...nothing. The presence of the Benevolent Divine we can know of, we call The Way.

This pattern, or template, that we learn of inside the atom is a standard for the rest of creation. Look inside the atom and you look inside the multiverse. In the multiverse there are many universes, some seen, some unseen or yet undiscovered by humans. There is dark energy and light energy, dark matter and light matter, and all things work according to the template. Whether we are considering a galaxy or an atom, we see the same template.
The Way organize the trillions of atoms in the nutshell to work together in different groups. Many groups form. They organize themselves into ways prescribed by The Way in the template of creation—and molecules form. Different types of molecules form, and as they combine with other types, so are different chemical elements born. As chemical elements combine according to pre-ordained templates, we find there is a very intelligent and active little miracle, we think of as a piece of ‘dead’ wood, a nutshell. The nutshell is not ‘dead’, it is immensely alive. 

What will happen to the nutshell in the long run? Some chemical elements will eventually break away and combine with others in its environment to work at forming something else. That something else may be to form a big-toe nail for someone. See, some factories in India and China grind down nutshells to mix with pepper because we cannot see or taste the difference. In so doing, we ingest the cheap pepper and the elements of the nutshell may be called upon by our bodies to work in the toe-nail factory for a while. And where is the Benevolent Divine present in all that? In your big toe’s nail, and of course in all things seen, unseen and yet undiscovered by human minds. 

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Occupy Movement: What do they want and What do they stand for?

The Occupy Movement began as a people’s expression of dissatisfaction with Big Money’s manipulation of the economy, economic vehicles and sponsoring governments. Not only have they (Big Money) totally broken the systems while gouging loyal (read brainwashed and addicted) consumers but they have robbed the world of trillions of $s that could have eradicated poverty, could have saved millions of people from suffering, and could have ended hunger in the world. Not only that, but they crashed the economy (again) and eradicated trillions of $s in pensions from the stock exchanges of the world and government surpluses.
Lately, however, Occupiers are illustrating their dissatisfaction and resistance to gouging and manipulation where it matters most to most people, in the household budget.

You may be an Occupier

Occupiers are people who illustrate, in a non-violent manner, that they have reached the point where they are prepared to actively resist the manipulation of Big Money’s mechanisms of the economy, people’s lives, and the very world that we live in.
These activists are people like you and me, who pay bills, send children to school, run a household and work for a living. Anyone, such as yourself, who ever wondered how (for example) banks and cell phone companies get away with charging any sort of fee thumbsucked for every so-called service that they provide, and have started to take steps to avoid giving them more money, is en-route to becoming an Occupier.

Ever wondered what may be the actual cost of a text message? If you ever wondered why a text message can cost 25 cents in Canada and 35 cents if you text to the USA, and why you have to pay for incoming AND outgoing calls (no-one else in the world will do that), consider that most countries, especially the so-called poorer ones, give text messages for free. Even the poorest countries in the world, where people earn about twenty times less than people in Canada/USA, are as addicted to their cell phones as we are. How can someone in the Philippines, where the average household income is about $4,000 per year, afford cell phones for the family? Easy, they pay one way for calls even on pay-as-you-go packages (the expensive route) which include free voicemail and text, and charge 15 cent for a peak-time call and 7 cent for off-peak calls. Why then do we pay $100 month? Why are we paying so much for a cell phone contract that a family of four in India, who themselves have a cell phone contract, can actually live and eat and dress for that same $100 AND pay for their cell phone contract?
We are being gouged. Big Money’s greed is gouging us and milking us dry. Occupiers are the ones who are sick of the abuse. Big Money has been taking advantage of our goodness; we are being rewarded for being loyal consumers by ever-increasing traps in contracts, ever-increasing usage fees, never ending new taxes and levies. Occupiers are those people who are taking a stand against the abuse and manipulation of our lives.

It is becoming impossible to navigate the seas of corruption, greed and manipulation

I live in Canada, in a border city. I bought a snow blower in the USA last week (November 2011) just 5 minutes from my home. It is a $1,000 machine. Its manufactured by a Canadian company, and has a Chinese motor. I had to pay Michigan’s taxes of 6%. Then, coming through customs into Canada I paid another 13% HST. Nevertheless, I saved $350 by buying it from a big box store in the USA rather than from the same named big box store in Canada. It was almost 50% more expensive here in Canada to start off with. On the way over the bridge to Michigan I looked down into Sarnia at the petro-chemical plants pumping gas over to the USA. It went through my mind how ridiculous it all was. Thought about just how, within 5 minutes from, I would be filling up my vehicle in the USA with that same Canadian gas being pumped over the border. Canadian mined oil, refined in Canada, transported to the USA, sells for 13 cent a litre (48 cent per gallon) cheaper than what I can get in Canada. Why? Because the people of Michigan have illustrated their resistance to the fictional price increases of gasoline more effectively than we Canadians have done—but that is about to change.
The Occupy movement is in its infancy. It will grow, and grow, because Big Money is addicted to their greed. Big Money operators will go bankrupt because of lack of sales rather than become fair in their dealings with people. Rather than turn a company around, admitting that they had gouged too much and have a change of heart, they would rather keep the gouging up and just vanish, like thousands have done over the past few years.

Any good parasite knows not to kill the host. Big Money has lost that perspective. They have become bad parasites. Their hosts are sick, sucked dry, disillusioned and in mourning because politicians and Big Money abused their trust. The hosts are starting to push back to rid themselves of the debilitating effects of the parasites. Some people suggest that an enema can be a healthy start to rid oneself of a bad case of bankers.
There are thousands of ways big and small in which you can resist, irritate and throw a wrench into Big Money’s works. I discuss some of these ways in my writings. Also, hundreds of contributions from others flow in regularly. Share these ideas and help make their gauging and addiction to greed a little less pleasant.

During November 2011 we phoned Rogers to enquire why it was that we could not get a month to month cell phone contract when we don’t buy devices. They said that we can, it is possible. Just give them a credit card to bill and it is all done. We did that. A few weeks later the first bill arrives by mail. They charged $2.50 for a paper bill, but the good news was that we could change that if we went online and opted out. I was about to phone and make a stink about the $2.50 undisclosed fee because that, exactly that, is what these people have been getting away with for way too long. I was prepared to go to court over that. But then my eye caught something else. They described our agreement as a 3-year contract, not a 30-day contract. And then something else, voicemail was not included and would now be an additional charge, and the 911 charge, and the additional charges for “long distance messaging”, and there we went headlong into the abyss of lies and deceit that so often come from the likes of these people.  We phoned up and said cancel the damn agreement; this is just too much of a lie to want to associate with you guys. They said sure, the cancellation fee will be $800. Well, that was that. One contract for me, one for my wife. Two separate incidents. You know, of course, what that means. Yes, you are right. We will go to the Small Claims Court and file two separate court cases against Rogers and it would cost us $150 per case. Rogers would have to send a lawyer to Sarnia for each case, for each phase of the process (its a 3-step process). It would cost Rogers no less than $20,000 per case. Needless to say, we got what we wanted.
Imagine, if only few thousand of the many thousands of people burned by their cell phone company (Rogers are definitely not alone in their unethical practises) take them to Small Claims Court. There are not enough attorneys in the country to handle all those cases. Take it from me. It is easy to navigate that Court. Small Claims Court was made for this kind of thing. It gives the little guy the ability to exact justice against bullies. Been there, done that, even up to the Appeals Court, and all alone. The systems are friendly, just do your homework. I promise you that there is great satisfaction in attending the Court knowing that they are paying out tens of thousands of dollars to defend an $800 claim. Just because they gouged the wrong person, it can cost them a fortune. Be that wrong person, it is a good thing to do.

What do Occupiers want? We want to occupy our communities in peace and with goodwill in our hearts. We want to stop teaching our children that, “they are all out to get you”. We want to change the maxim of business from “buyer beware” back to, “your word is your honour”. We want common decency back in our everyday lives. We want to be able to trust in banks rather than despise them, we want to believe in attorneys rather than look at them in disdain as we recall the previous pig who lied to us and neglected his duty, we want to trust that elected officials will at least try to do a good thing before lobbyists and politics neutralize them and employ them for their own devices. Would it be nice to look at civil servants again one day and be proud that s/he is working for our city, or government and thinking that they actually cared to do a good job? We want to believe that the stock exchange is not manipulated, that mutual funds are not just shills and scams. Yes, Occupiers are idealists. We probably ask for too much. One thing that we won’t concede though is our dignity. We will take back our country and we will again occupy it with good people. If it means that we should dismantle Big Money, then so be it, but we will get our humanity and our land back.  

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Purpose of Life

Talk about the purpose of life must start with a reference to the chapter in Wayism's Primary Text on the topic. Nothing says it better. In fact, that piece of prose tells the entire story not only about the purpose of life but that which Wayists believe and live. We quote the entire chapter here by permission of the publishers, Wayist Books.


he purpose of life for the soul is evolution
To metamorphose into heaven
is our destination

For the soul, life on Earth is the school
Time after time, it will return
Death is for the body, not for the soul
Learning to become a spirit, in heaven to be born

Human nature is such an animal
Egotistic, narcissistic, selfish, and banal
Trampling neighbor creatures, wasteful, destructive, and fearful
The soul learning humility, simplicity, compassion and of the divine in the infinitesimal

Newborn spirits start immortality in heaven
So much to do, so many worlds to see
Active, busy lives await them
Amazing beauty, out there in our galaxy

The purpose of life is not narcissism, religion,
consumerism, patriotism, or materialism
But living a life of joy, freedom of mind, beauty and fun
Flowing freely, content inside, in the beauty of Wayism
This, by the grace of God, is the Way it is done

The Way is here, there and everywhere
It happens; will it, want it or not
All you have to do, is learn to care
In the end, your soul a spirit child begot

So much nicer, so much peace
If you know where you go
So much beauty, so much release
When you go with the flow

by Salvar Dàosenglu

Nature of the Divine Principle

Deism with a panentheistic slant
Wayism is philosophically close to the standard definition of deism. However, in practice, many Wayists express their lifestyle of spiritual consciousness in panentheistic forms.

Wayism is a deism since creation exists because it is upheld by the energies of the One Supreme Being which is external from creation itself. The One is however not the Creator of the universes but Two forces that emanate from the One are responsible for all of creation.

Observers (who are creatures themselves) witness predictable repeating patterns and flows in the creative forces—which we call the Way. The One is therefore the Prime Mover and upholder of the universes. The universes are permeated by the energies, forces, and presence of the One.

Some Wayists who adhere to the Deistic principle can, however, be aware of the Way as a diety. Wayism encourages adherents who are so inclined to feel free to form a relationship with the Way and even the great Teachers (who are spiritual beings) as deities. Therefore, Wayists who adhere to the Deist principle have no problem to relate to the teacher Jesus or Avalokitesvara as Lord.

For the sake of explaining that Wayism is not a pantheism but a panentheism, it must be noted that the One is greater than the universes. The Divine is transcendent from creation, yet all are brought about, and perpetually maintained by the creative energies that emanate from the One.

God’s creative presence emanate in two forms—one is a Yin (or female quality) force, the other is a Yang (or male quality) force. Together the Two constitute what humans often call the Mother and Father aspects of the Divine Principle. The Two forces are responsible for creation, the laws of nature, and the mechanisms that regulate the Way. God’s presence therefore permeates all things and the Divine presence is imminent throughout all things, yet the Divine is transcendent from creation. Some of the energies emanating from the Divine are manifest in, and uphold, our spirits and higher consciousness. This results in our sense of a mystical relationship with the Divine because we are capable of a profound sense of the Divine presence in various forms.

Such is the nature of Wayism's panentheism, it informs the overarching deistisc model that is the main category by which to classify it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Foundation of Wayism

Wayism makes no claim as to when it was founded. It states that it is the original Way, the process and method of the purpose of life. In the seminal book, Wayism: the Primary Text, it has this to say about the question when was Wayism founded: “An explanation of the purpose of life, the stages of life, and the wonderful laws of nature that regulate the life cycles of a particular plant species cannot be said to be a religion that was founded at any particular time—it is merely a statement of the facts as observed and known to us. Wayism is like that, an explanation of the purpose of human life, the cycles, and stages of development and its eventual metamorphosis into a spiritual being—it is merely a statement of the facts as it has always been.”

Wayism makes mention of adherents that existed in the past five thousand years, among which are Krishna (4th c. BCE), Isis (3rd c. BCE), Melchizedek (2nd c. BCE), several pre-Socratic (pantheistic) Greek philosophers (1st c. BCE), Gotama Buddha (1st c. BCE), LaoTzi (1st c. BCE), Jesus (1st c. BCE), and later seers and sages, some of them involved with the Upanishads and others with Yogi Philosophy. According to Wayist literature these, and other, teachers built on Wayist foundations but religious enterprise twisted and tweaked their simple teaching over the years—so much so that the core message gets lost in a maze of heavens, hierarchies, doctrines, and rituals.

Whenever the core message of Wayism is obscured, the Way sends spiritual workers to restore it.  

Friday, 13 May 2011

Introduction to Wayism (1)

This text comes from the back cover of the quintessential book on the topic, WAYISM: the Primary Text, published by Wayist Books in 2011. It explains a bit where Wayism comes from.

Wayism is the lifestyle through which advanced souls fulfill the purpose of their lives. 

The Wayist lifestyle and worldview is ancient, like your soul, and is the foundation upon which great Teachers of the past labored. Buddha Gotama called his teaching the Middle Way. Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita expounded the teaching as The Eighteen-fold Way. Sage Lao-tzu called his teaching The Way and its Virtues (Dao De Jing). Jesus worked in Judea, Persia, Parthia, and North India, and called his movement The Way.

The teaching is simple to understand, humble, and compassionate. The authors, although sagacious, use short, easy-read chapters to coach and the bulk of the book consists of inspirational material to nurture the soul on its path. You will discover layers of truth and guidance in the text that will last for years to come as your soul develop its spiritual consciousness. If you could own only one book in life—this will be your soul’s companion through to the end.

Wayism is the worldview that helps advanced souls understand not only the purpose of life but also how our minds, souls, and spirits work—and how best to care for each.

You exist for a reason, and your ancient soul has a fascinating history that is now coming to fruition. Life on Earth is our school, and you are destined for a wonderful and exiting life in the hereafter. Everyone, irrespective of religious affiliation or creed, eventually fulfill the purpose of their lives. Advanced souls, however want to know more about the journey, the destination, and their unique purpose in life.

When the Way is obscured in religious enterprise, dogma, and ignorance, it is always reinstated. Now, after more than 2,000 years, in the era of 2012, it is again time for renewal.

A certain sense of freedom, awe, and peace settles in the heart when the soul recognizes its origin and its path. Wayism removes guilt, fear, and uncertainty and replaces it with joy, freedom to be an authentic being, prosperity, and happiness.

Whether your inner being resonates with ancient philosophies of the East, the West, agnosticism or the esoteric traditions, you will find a homecoming for your soul in the beauty and purpose of The Way.