Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Foundation of Wayism

Wayism makes no claim as to when it was founded. It states that it is the original Way, the process and method of the purpose of life. In the seminal book, Wayism: the Primary Text, it has this to say about the question when was Wayism founded: “An explanation of the purpose of life, the stages of life, and the wonderful laws of nature that regulate the life cycles of a particular plant species cannot be said to be a religion that was founded at any particular time—it is merely a statement of the facts as observed and known to us. Wayism is like that, an explanation of the purpose of human life, the cycles, and stages of development and its eventual metamorphosis into a spiritual being—it is merely a statement of the facts as it has always been.”

Wayism makes mention of adherents that existed in the past five thousand years, among which are Krishna (4th c. BCE), Isis (3rd c. BCE), Melchizedek (2nd c. BCE), several pre-Socratic (pantheistic) Greek philosophers (1st c. BCE), Gotama Buddha (1st c. BCE), LaoTzi (1st c. BCE), Jesus (1st c. BCE), and later seers and sages, some of them involved with the Upanishads and others with Yogi Philosophy. According to Wayist literature these, and other, teachers built on Wayist foundations but religious enterprise twisted and tweaked their simple teaching over the years—so much so that the core message gets lost in a maze of heavens, hierarchies, doctrines, and rituals.

Whenever the core message of Wayism is obscured, the Way sends spiritual workers to restore it.  

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